I’ve been using Canon printers for nearly 30 years and always found them reliable,easy to operate, economical and the support to be outstanding. I’ve never tried non canon ink so maybe that is an option worth looking into, however we’ve now resorted to just getting office works to print anything we need in colour. Does a quality job of all tasks – It’s huge, could have been a bit smaller not much of a bigy long noisy start up like most printers but this one takes ages well its seems longer than most. For certain products, a driver is necessary to enable the connection between your product and a computer. Uses heaps of ink, and you can’t even scan if an ink cartridge is empty which is just stupid. I was advised to send it away to repair it, even it is a brand new one,just two month old.

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I too found the color way different but sharper Our crystal air Tasmaniain combination with shapes, patterns, textures and, especially, colours ensure that, with a good camera I use a D and a 6D for varying purposes and fair eye, everything is conducive to good results.

The On-screen manual is comprehensive and extensive but stuff is hard to find unless you know precisely the right terms to use in a search. I did a lot of research into printers with a view to buying something capable of providing the prints I require; the MG appeared to well and truly fulfil the need.

Was this review helpful? I’ve only had the printer a few weeks so am unable to give advice as to how much ink it uses, but I’ve printed off over 20 colour photos and quite printe few black and white text pages and the ink that came with it which we all know is only the bare minimum is only just barely showing as used on the ink capacity screen you can easily access on the touch screen.


It opens the front panel in preparation for spitting out the documents which also makes a loud noise. Printerr of the major retailers seem to be selling the ink for this printer at the time of writing early Feb Setting up the wireless connection was a snap.

PIXMA MG Support – Firmware, Software & Manuals | Canon Australia

Until then it had worked quite well. You now wind up with an off-shore call centre and the techs are not as competent as the Australian-based guys were previously. My Prinher MG printer will not photocopy – it keeps telling me that there is no paper in paper compartment, but there is paper.

When I bought my iMac a few years orinter it automatically found my old HP printer, did all the set up my6360 within minutes I could print both via the cable and wirelessly, without me having pushed a button or lifted a finger, so set up was my least worry.

The Canon Pixma MG is a great printer. A few of the documents I printed have also had ink ‘bleeding’. Good, but complex and support is no longer as good. Thanks for this handy review. Kate posted on May 17, There are six individual ink tanks using ChromaLife ink that prints images that will last years without fading.

OVERVIEW Facing this is a shallowly angling control board, centered around an 88mm color Liquid Crystal Displays touchscreen, yet along with specialized contact switches to either edge, which brightens via the situation when their functionalities are readily available.

As a landscape photographer, I’m terribly disappointed with the Canon’s colour reproduction.

Canon Pixma Mg6360 All-in-one Inkjet Printer

However, this PIXMA MG has been complicated to use, seems to chew through ink cartridges and the support has been prniter poor so far. I think if you are constantly using it, then it moves a bit faster but I have been on the lookout for printfr new one ever since day 2 of owning it. I also wound up wasting half a day uninstalling and re-installing all my print drivers and related software, only to find later that the problem I was “fixing” had nothing to do with that and only required some minor re-setting of preferences.


Angry replied on Nov 27, I still have two unresolved problems. The touch screen is by far the worst feature – it barely functions, you have to press very hard to make any of the buttons work. The support Canon now offer is not as good as it was say six months or so ago. The paper tray also opens automatically mg63360 a snap pginter also adds to the noise factor. The printer produces noises and clicks until you decide to crash it with a hammer and then it produces a sheet of paper.

PIXMA MG6360 Support

To give a partial answer your question re consumpti I got this printer as it was one of the few with separate ink cartridges and I couldn’t find any bad reviews. Hi, I am trying to print in just black ink and have ticked the box for greyscale in the printing preferences and have saved that but the printer is still printing in colour.

The print quality is good if you’re willing to keep feeding it ink. If ng6360 I could combine the two! Jan Canon Pixma MG

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