It’s not something that one wears or hangs on a wall. As well you either know tubes or you don’t. When I first started posting I was asked to participate in this rule. Currently I own a pair of Focal Aria s. The deposit can be paid by check or credit card.

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How many guys from the 80’s and 90’s are still around, and how many are system guys mcintosn component and speaker guys? Someone either knows what Mac and Cary are or they don’t. Only your ears will know. I myself am most likely going to shift over to Computer Audiophile for awhile.

I believe you mentioned that you only want a one input setup I only listen to one source per system myself.

I know McIntosh makes the MC, but I’m new to this so I have no idea how much the C50 colors the sound I heard that combo 5 states away, and no one in my area has that gear on hand.

For Your protection, we thoroughly investigate the validity of all credit card charges. Both can be fun but they are quite different in the end results.

Credibility is not something one can sign into existence. The deposit can be paid by check or credit card. However, since I brought home the Focals I’ve been listening to a LOT of Scriabin – I had no idea how great classical music could sound if you have decent gear!


And as I am typing, I might look at Rotel as well. Hi caustic Excellent job with your mcitnosh

Michael, if you find any fault with my recommendation and can recommend to the gentleman a solution that carries with it a similar house sound to Mcintosh, but at a significantly reduced cost, including any room treatments into that cost, by all means enlighten us. I recently dug up a McIntosh MA that’s very close to my budget and I’m almost ready to pull the trigger, although I’d really like to hear the Musical Fidelity line for comparison.

But I will continue to keep a pulse on things over here as I mentioned there is a lot of good material in the professional review sections, as well as hopefully help out other listeners once in awhile if I can.

Next, if I hook up that same system to different circuit panels the same will happen, the sound will change dramatically. However, I respect Michael and as previously mentioned have enjoyed lengthy and productive previous discussions with him. One is based on treating all things audio as equals and the other is a never ending swamping out of components, speakers and all the other pieces. If so we have a good starting point.

Mcingosh what it sounds like, you are doing well and quite frankly I am relieved as mcinttosh as happy for you.

I look forward to sharing some seasons here, but have decided to be more productive with my time and come here when there is something to say beyond the weeding through those weird vibes that so many have pointed to.


Did you say you heard your speakers, CDP and Mac all in your listening room?

McIntosh C50 Stereo Preamp Preview –

Ron you said “As Mcintosh utilizes mostly a tube approach, I carefully researched scores of preamps and ended up with the Cary unit It isn’t the same. Because of the lack of stores in c500 US many companies do offer private auditions. That’s a fact, and something we do. He is a credit to your company and it really was a pleasure dealing with Audio Classics.

Fazzini – Piantini on 7 aprile – I think there is a more specialized, computer-centric and larger audience there. October 19, – We were there and somehow went back to start.


I think you would agree with this philosophy as well. I wish you continued success and hope things turn around here soon. Apr 4 – Next you had the audio furniture guys myself included again mcintpsh with all the feet and specialty products like cable.

You state there was no attack on my suggestion, but your reply supports my observation:

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