Michael January 17, at 9: I have been having a few problems making a copy of my OSX disc just in case!! Mark — do a search for UJ85J on forum. What an utterly ridiculous situation that apple are happily perpetuating. Any idea if this issue is being addressed for the upcoming new line of Macbooks? Not only that, but VLC ignores copy protection.

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Opening the log window mashiita it just can’t access the files on the disk so it finaly fails cleanly on a “nothing to play” message. My battery is on the fritz, if that is useful in anyway.

Click here to return to the ‘Play DVDs from any region’ hint. Jan 7, 5: Unless your machine has one of the Matshita drives, then there is nothing perplexing about the fact that your machine works using VLC. Make your gloves touchscreen friendly Apple? The only tiny problem with this is that Apple’s DVD player will try to automatically load and mav you change the region when you insert an out-of-region DVD.

I have been writing since I was 12 years old and never knew it would mahita out to be a full-time career. Is that a software? Thanks in advance, Gwen. The limitation is double: This update works with the following EFI updates: So again, when does the error occur and dgd what sort of media.


Apple, are you just going to remain motionless on the sidelines and watch your former friends slowly sinking into this slough of despond? Don’t you then have to rip and burn the DVD to get it to work? This is because the there is some built-in checking in the drive with some encryption that stops you reading the DVD in the first place. I’m slightly tired of mr.

If you computer is not in the above tables, please contact us. I was under the impression that the first time you played a DVD, it set the region to the one of that disc.

DVD region woes

After this first happened i notices that the disc drive was no longer in the list of Devices, apparently it is not recognised. I didn’t rub it or push it, I dusted it gently as it’s a very delicate sprung system that doesn’t want to be beaten up. Unfortunately as all of my drives have a region set in firmware I am unable to test this.

I’ve opened up a number of laptops in my time and the Unibody is very very simple to work on. Mark — do a search for UJ85J on forum. I do support companies like Netflix and Quickflix for rentals, but until the aforementioned is cleared up, I vote for movie piracy and the hacking necessary to make things work like they should.


But there are ways to break this down. This was helpful 0. My hobbie has always been to help people succeed. I am puzzled why comments above this appear masjita have missed my previous comment, but perhaps they have drives that are not covered by this fix.

So here you all go Benji — you need to let people know what the actual dbd of hardware is inside your external drive — is it a Matshita drive, for example?

Apple SuperDrive Firmware Update free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Advertisements or commercial links. Lift the optical drive out and turn over. Aho March 20, at It may be that your drive is already rpc-1, or else it may be that the DVDs that say they are Region2 are actually RegionAll. Every type of discs is eagerly eaten, read, played and burnt!!!

And, what should I tell you:

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