The COM is probably fairly high. Or lets you use energy harvesting. August 30th, 6. Then they could have separated the ground planes, as well. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: They do it because Linux is still very much a minority market and not economically worth supporting.

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Setup development environment for EZ430-F2013 using Eclipse in Ubuntu

The LED may never blink again, depending on your programming skills. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

Expect a GUI application to start. All it takes is wires from the programmer to the system. Way to go, dude! If you have external interrupts, the lowest power mode is LPM4 the mcu and peripherals off, but external interrupts will wake. A knife or screw driver pushed into this hole ez430-f2031 open the enclosure can easily remove the cap. It was a total surprise when I got the shipment ez430-c2013 for the Stellaris.


I got them when they were free too and I having a hard time to think of a use for them. Any help will be appreciated. MSP on Linux bump.

The cap sits right behind the hole in the side of the enclosure. IBM did it several years ago and they make billions now with Ez430-ff2013. If find your lack of google disturbing Jeri getting her own show?

Using Energia with EZF LaunchPad on Linux | plashless

Usually there’s lijux kind of driver conflict. What version of the software tool are you using? You might be able to jumper them to the FET. Your email address will not be published. USB disconnectdevice number 8.

It would have been nice to ez430-f2103 a ground pin in that header J5. I would contend that in the commercial world, where the most lucrative development work is being done, the Linux penetration is lower due to corporate IT policy standardising on windows platforms. Pry one half straight up. I am apparently a total loser. I would say TI does not offer support for Linux because they want to have a good relationship with bill gates. Exit that program and it’ll work!


Create free account Forgot password? I am running ubuntu That is the lowest power standby mode. What’re you trying to make work? October 6th, 8.

Hands-on with eZF | Hackaday

This note explains how to install the command-line tools in Ubuntu to compile, load and run images destined for the Texas Instrument EZF Thus the FET can not read the serial port of the target board, and your program will not be able to print ez4330-f2013 the serial port and expect it to appear on the IDE. This page has been accessed 11, times.

Retrieved from ” http: Currently making a binary watch… The external crystal interface with selectable capacitance is making it so easy!

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