But you can’t imagine how much people can be stupid, evel and greedy: Industrial Safety Energy Automotive. What has happed to it? When need do wow-soft configuration and connect usb, when nothing do, communication error. Kent M Jakobsson Email: The next is where is writed serial number in CDP??? I have Autocom adp , with this serial

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I don’t want to much up the interface if poss. Look delohi the attach yes upa support this chip, but you can read? For my distributor autocom say to me he would not like to continu with him: I readed this Atmel, but it is locked for changing.

NOW onto the multiscan. I have a dse with subscriptions, so i think i can also help with something. Industrial Building Automotive More Someone bought from this guy: And all things working. What am I doing wrong? ds00e

Yes, if you can succesfully read your attiny45 chip, then copy its content to attiny of that other Delphi DS How did u guys manage to delpui Windows install a driver.

As far as I have Launch and lot of specialized scanners, this project I marked, as “lost”.


VCI V2 Driver Downloads

It is for the last update R2. What is that chip I have, and are there any chance I? D It’s dump with serial of the DS hardware and info for full install software. Just price for delivery to sweden ?

Delphi Dse Usb Driver – movie-dir

Don’t buy anything from, this xs100e Pc and device with BT is peered. I have a Opus CMT and at the location indicated in the picture i have the following: Hi, can you tell us how and what changes you made to the software please.

WoW Snooper has the same Atmel 90LS, but it is located behind three pin led, and has white paint mark. BTW I try’d to do upgrade for Autocom software. If i copy my eeprom into another DS Just whant add if someone have success get serial and not solve it then my msn avalible in my profile and its allso my email: What version was used?

Hi, Yes any help would be good. So both times i tried with settins for ATtiny45 and AT90l but unsucessfully. Somebody have dump for wow snooper?


DELPHI VCI DS CRACKED [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

After payment No answer to my email I have copied the intstall folder from my working cmt pro to the ds software and entered the same hw key.

Then you will have “Cloned” copy of your DS interface, with same HW serial number and same software key. Really, guys, did someone ever tried to change serial ds100r of those chinese clones of Autocom CDP?

Delphi dse usb driver Is there any possibility to access to USB port, not through drivers, but througn any component, simillar to Crnila s component TComPort. Well this is how my board looks. I tried, but I have no drivers for wow snooper, so I can’t connect to device, but how to change serial number instructions ar right I found serial number in the same place as in ADP.

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