If you change your mind after placing the order, a return will be allowed if sent back with the rider during the time of delivery return on the spot with seal not broken if any. Warranty See more details about warranty here. Item Label Field Scale Parameter menu Code Barcode Format menu Code

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What are the required conditions?

CLJ Barcode Label Printing Scale

Weighed Tare Entry Discount Price Key Print Inhibit Item menu Code Click here for more information Delivery times are business days only, and do not include Sunday. You cannot return the product if you change your mind or you don’t like the product. Once you have submitted your return request, we will contact you within 48 hours to arrange retrieval. How To Clear Tare Group Report menu Code Inhibit select Printing Items menu Code What are the next steps? The removable label cartridge makes it easy for users to quickly reload labels.


Any product that is not properly packed or is damaged will not be eligible for a return, so please take proper care of the products you might want to return! Window Character Set Information Cl5000n here for our full Delivery Timelines.

Create By-weight Plu menu Code Communication menu Code Printing menu Code See Details Key Features.

Xas Code Table Programming Store Data Programming Scale Configuration Editing Plu menu Code Label Format to Do: You will also have the choice to deliver the product to one of our pickup Stations. By Count Item All electronics with manufacturing defect, dead on arrival, wrong product seal not broken and counterfeits.

It has high capacity memory which can save 10, products and 1, components; Cartridge method for easy replacement of labels; 45 basic label formats built-in ; Lc5000j label format settings according to user preference It comes with a free software for uploading PLUs and formatting labels.


Buy now Save for later. Report Menu menu Code Rsc Setting menu Code Speed Key menu Code What does Jumia Guarantee Cover?

Display Test menu Code What does Jumia Guarantee Cover? List Unit Symbol menu Code

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