At address, the club sits just a tad closed, but not overly so. You may also like. Unlike the Draw Bias model, the face on the Fade model is square. The best aspect of this driver was its forgiveness, as it seems to perform equally well through the entire face area. My low-handicap tester was not comfortable with the stock shaft. This is where the JMax Carbon driver excels. I have never had a 2 iron but I thought I should try one since I hit the 3 Iron-wood so well.

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Skip to main content. I was lucky to win the bid. I wouldn’t part with it. This is one of the reasons I like this bazokoa — the return feeling was that of a solid rebound. So I use a shorter back swing with it,; also it makes me maintain my spine angle better.

I like the club. Last week I made a par on a tough yard par four using the 2 Iron wood.

Reviews: Tour-Edge-Bazooka-JMAX-Iron-Wood-Hybrid-Utility-Club-Golf-Club | eBay

I hit this club bzooka and yards. I am a 26 handicap,55 yrs old. Most every tester was achieving straight and long drives. The face is made as thin as possible with variable face thickness and structurally supported with three internal reinforcement bars.


More MOI will result in clubs that are less resistant to twists and deviations, resulting in straighter shots. I have the 1, 2 and 3 ironwoods. Crown pull casting technology creates a stronger more dense body so the walls and face can be made thinner to get more spring off the face jmas place more mass in the sole.

Bazzooka in men’s and women’s right and left hand. For me, this club is very strait and I can hit it high from any lie. I ‘m 6 feet tall. I hit the 4 about and the 3 toso I wanted something longer.

Tour Edge Bazooka JMax QL Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 12 reviews –

Notify me of new posts by email. At address, the club sits just a tad closed, but not overly so. Additional Product Features Head Material. The sound is a little louder than some people are used to but nowhere near as loud as some modern all-titanium drivers. Overall, the shaft abzooka fine.

Tour Edge Bazooka JMax QL Irons

I’m very happy with how this club performs. I’d like to get another one with less loft to replace my 5 wood. Design As with many bazoka manufacturers, TourEdge has also introduced a driver with a carbon-fiber top, combined with a forged beat titanium head, in two versions: It is very useful.


I would suggest for older golfers to use the 3 to 7 iron-woods. I was pleasantly surprised. I use it from the rough and for normal fairway shots and often off the tea on basooka par 3s. The few that I have hit have come out well. I have never had a 2 iron but I thought I should try one since I hit the 3 Iron-wood so well.

It is ridiculously easy to use and I was able to hit it well from the very first swing. The face, skirt and crown are made as thin as possible and then structurally supported by 3 internal reinforcement strands. Featuring a super heavy sole, this Tour Edge golf club lowers the center of gravity, thereby providing both stability through the shot and assistance in giving the golfers a higher flight pattern.

Lengths listed are men’s standard.

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