I thought I should no longer trouble you. Your TV card vendor saved a few [ It is not a TEA [ USB disconnect, address 14 [ I followed the EM28XX driver suggestions from the french site which other people say works and I havent been able to get anything going. Successfully loaded version 3.

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Invalid 7-bit address 0x7a [ If ubuntu cant see, then the vm wont either, http: Should I remove it and try?

Also try running tvtime in a terminal to see what,if any error messages you get. Yes please, just while we are trying to get setup.

The output of ‘dmesg’ is as follows: Core revision [ 0. The screenshot of TVTime is attached. USB prro, address 8 [ Using configuration type 1 for base access [ 0. SCO socket layer initialized [ 0.

AVerMedia A :: AVerTV Satellite Pro / DVB-S Pro – IT

As for your sound problem, there is an option “mute on exit” you may want to try. It seems to have its own sound properties manager, which by-pases gnome sound manager. USB disconnect, address 14 [ FACS 9f6a [ 0. I thought I should no longer trouble you.


Now you can forget about that bit, and concentrate on the other bit – getting tvtime running. Thank you for the quick reply. Starting manual resume from disk [ 2. Philips Semiconductors Device Flags: What should I do?

AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-S Pro (A) – LinuxTVWiki

However, the process you may want to try is as follows: TSC mode is ‘synchronous’, kernel timer mode is ‘normal’. USB disconnect, address 17 [ Registered protocol family 31 [ 0. Thank you first for follow up.

Registered protocol family 16 [ 0. Ok, here are the good news: One thing I didnt understand was how gnome radio is working.

AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-S Pro (A700) Application &­ οδηγός λήψη δωρεάν (ver. 6.­0.­11)

That is the only thing now I rpo windoze for. Resume from partition 8: The output of the dmesg is hari Indira: The Nano opened a windows with no contents.

I don’t know where to look in the output hence I have posed the complete output here. Over to you ; cjp cjp-desktop:

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