The rest of the club is a very bold presentation. Or they are there to fill up a hole. With four adjustable weights, there is some room to be creative with your weight placement. Forgiveness and feel are excellent. User Reviews Michael C-Y. Aug 20, Messages: I just purchased a used r5D driver about a month ago because it had a stiffer shaft than my Adams insight with a regular flex shaft, and I thought that this could have been causing my consistent slice.

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I like taylormadw M2 but the prices are a bit stiff for now so i will keep using this R5 till it breaks. Registering is free and easy!

I was wondering if the weights contributed with that problem. Forgiveness and feel are excellent. TaylorMade Golf ajust surged to the top of the driver marketplace over the last few years.

TaylorMade R5 Dual driver

You can also set the weights to neutral, presumably to be able to work it easier in either direction. The rest of the club is a very bold presentation. I love gaylormade R5. WildCatGolfer17Sep 22, The r7 series with the 4 movable weights has been one of the biggest equipment stories in the past several years. Nike Iron Loft Specs. I have an R5N with a regular Speeder shaft. The experience Erik and I had with the r5 Dual Type N drivers on the course is a good example of why fitting is so important.


Write a Review Rate This Product: Set the weights according to your desired ball flight. I figured my ball would fly perfectly straight since I draw it and the club wanted to fade. Does anyone know if you can convert a Taylor Made r5 dual, type N driver to a type D, draw driver, by changing tayllormade weight scews?

Your email address will not be published. Been using this since inception and every year I tell myself it’s time for a new driver. Apparently, it must be the TP, It has these heads that look like you need to put a wrench on to turn.

Once we made these adjustments, the r5 really came to life. I found that I could work it either way fairly easily with fade mode setup. With a heat gun, some t5, and adjuwt pair of needle noise pliers, you can easily remove the weights on the regular non TP R5. My driving accuracy percentage went up big time playing the r5 Dual TP.

Sits well behind the ball and does give you a lot of confidence but just not for me. I could easily shape shots to fit the dogleg of the current hole.

TaylorMade r5 Dual TP Driver Review | Hooked On Golf Blog

Do you already have an account? Rather than the 4 weights the tayllrmade employs, the r5 TP uses two located in the back of the club.


Neutral means even weight on both sides, so I took out the 14 and 2 gram weights and put in two 8 gram weights in their place. The dajust Dual drivers also have a deep face design, which helps launch the ball with taylormae spin.

TaylorMade successfully followed those products with the r7 Quad driver, which stands as one of the most-played — and most-imitated — drivers on tour and at retail. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

How to Set the Weights for an R7 Driver | SportsRec

On occations I hit the ground before I make contact with tayloemade ball. The r5 TP is the latest movable weight driver offering from TM. Not the perfect one but the best that I could hit. Flight was a bit high for my liking and seemed to make the ball hang at the end of its flight.

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