Advanced Engine Protection Features – definable rev limiters for engine lean out, low oil, fuel or auxiliary pressures, etc. It can be set up to control boost by gear using the OE transmission sensors, and it even features traction control through gradual torque reduction, where ignition is cut by 1 percent or more depending on which percentage you program it to reduce it by. Simply put, more energy means stronger spark and more power. Out in a couple hours! Or something along those lines that gets my attention! Once activated, it switches to a higher boost and fuel map to give you extra horsepower during straightaway duels. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Out in a couple hours! Adaptronic December 20 at 2: Become a Redditor and acaptronic to one of thousands of communities. Suspension Turbo Kit Turbo Accessories. It also supports the use of E85 with a simple addition of a flex sensor.

According to Andy, they achieve this through their commitment to using OEM sensors and triggering systems wherever possible. Engines qdaptronic simply air pumps; take away the fuel and spark and all you have is air going in and out of the motor.


Bob Hernandez — Nov 15, It has has space for 2 additional modules to be added. TurboSource Automotive Parts Store.

Similar to scramble boost, you install a switch in the cockpit that you can activate if you need more power. Richard Fong — Dec 6, The plan is to get it running on an Android 8. Then there is a CAN output called knock amplitude.

Adaptronic ECU Chassis Dyno Rolling Road Tuning

On the plug and play we use this for the fuel pump relay 1 dedicated tacho output 22 outputs compared to 15 on the Select. Contact Adaptronic on Messenger.

On average the new Modular units are 2 to 3x faster than its current competitors latest offerings before any additional modules, M fully loaded is 3x faster than the fastest aftermarket ecu adaaptronic are are of. Tomorrow; Christmas breakfast with TLD crew!

However, the caveat is the limited spark duration that can be too short and unreliable for some applications. But I have tortured that poor computer adaptronci which way.

Adaptronic ECU and AEM Ignition Coils – Modified Magazine

This sounds pretty cool. III – Heads Up. Most engines use Capacitive Discharge Ignition CDI for a few reasons, including very high spark energy and the ability to run at high rpm. The headphone jack, exu input, and 4-Bar MAP sensor barb also make an appearance.


This required making a mounting bracket to hold our stack of ignition coils in place. Sevenk Wheels Automotive Parts Store. Converting to direct fire also allows finer levels of ignition control, so we can maintain dwell time at higher rpm, resulting in a stronger spark due to the longer charge time. Turbosmart e-Boost2 Sport Compact 60mm. Browse for more products in the same category as this item: The Adaptronic ECU shows up to the party wearing an all-black aluminum case.

It has differential fuel pressure measurement, adaptfonic most proper ecus.

Adaptronic ECU and AEM Ignition Coils – The Right Electrical Pipeline

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The head unit is ideally positioned for use as secondary gauges and after much waiting and researching, it seems that the Chinese made Android head units have finally matured enough now quad or octa-core and high tea screens to make this a viable option.

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