Jan 18, Posts: Feb 12, Posts: We should really wait 50ms This is expected to be a rare operation, and it’s simpler for the rest of the driver to assume that window 1 is always valid rather than use a special window-state variable. This driver does not use predictive interrupt mode, resulting in higher packet latency but lower overhead.

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We should really wait 50ms Thanks for the responses so far. Thu May 07, 9: In the 3cC, the program enable pin was used for something else I forget what and to maintain MAC integrity, the program voltage was not connected in the package.

Jan 18, Posts: Set IRQ line in bits Mon May 11, 8: Now, I don’t remember exactly how, but as I posted back then and as my memory serves, I know I did do it and it did work. We just happen to have numerous 3Com cards in the bone yard and also the EtherDisks, so I thought I could make a couple of spares without doing much work.


Well it says in your post: Increased the eeprom delay.

I don’t imagine it was massively difficult if you have the correct card. I distinctly remember changing MAC addresses, so it definitely can be done, sorry to tell you H but for once you’re wrong.

Removed the ‘Unexpected interrupt’ bug. The one I was trying it on is a 3CB.

We change to register window 6, so this should be run single-threaded if the device is active. No, it does not have to be a 3Com card.

CONFIG_EL3: 3c509/3c529 (MCA)/3c569B (98)/3c579 ‘EtherLink III’ support

Unless I don’t have the right utility. Having a license file tied to a piece of hardware has always been a sketchy business in my experience. Assume that we are in register window zero. Does the network card have to be 3COM? VM adapters can have the macs changed, does this have be c3509c a physical machine? Andrewcw, I think your questions are directed at me. Upgraded to Donald Becker’s version 1.


Linux source code: drivers/net/ethernet/3com/3cc (v) – Bootlin

Feb 12, Posts: I’m sure any sort of virtual environment will not work for this, but thanks for the idea. Its in the readme. Fri May 08, 6: So maybe HellDiver’s site at the time paid more to buy models with that feature enabled. Mon May 11, 6: This software may be used and distributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference. You wouldn’t be posting here if you did.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck with 3cpm B either.

Aug 17, Posts: I am personally not aware of any available card which EtherDisk’s MAC program command actually worked on. I don’t have a clue how it was done, other that 3509c I posted back in

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